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October 27
TB-3529's Birthday!
October 28-29
Class of '95 Reunion
October 31
All Hallow's Eve
November 1
Episode III Release
November 11-13
NovaCon - Huntsville, AL
October 21
Goblet of Fire
December 9
Chronicles of Narnia
December 14
King Kong
December 2
Aeon Flux
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October 18
Batman Begins
November 1
Star Wars: Episode 3

Office Space SE
November 15
Stargate Atlantis Season 1
November 22
War of the Worlds

December 6
Fantastic Four

Star Wars: Clone Wars V2

   My DVD Collection

I have a large collection of DVD's and have found that it is easier to keep up with them all via a database. I will eventually be adding a check-out/check-in form to this page so that my friends are able to easily pick out what they would like to borrow.

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